Thứ Tử Quy Lai

Sẽ theo truyện đến khi hoàn thì thôi, và bao giờ hoàn cũng là cả vấn đề :v
Có khi nào đến lúc tóc bạc hết, răng rụng gần hết mà vẫn đọc ko nhỉ :v Làm một bà hủ già :”33

Duy Ngã

ttql-coverTên gốc: Thứ Tử Quy Lai _ 庶子归来 (Tạm dịch: Con thứ trở về.)

Tác giả: Ôn Mộ Sinh _ 温暮生.

Thể loại: trung khuyển chất tử công x tâm cơ thứ tử thụ, cổ đại, trọng sinh, trạch đấu, cung đấu, báo thù, ngược tra, sinh tử, đổi công, ngọt vcl luôn, 1×1, HE.

CP chính: Hô Diên Nguyên Thần x Ninh Uyên | CP phụ: Triệu Mạt x Cảnh Dật | Diễn viên phụ: tra công Tư Không Húc.

Tình trạng bản gốc: Hoàn (241 chương + 2 PN)

Tình trạng bản Việt: On – going.

Biên tập: Duy Ngã.

Bản edit này đãđược sự cho phép của tác giả Ôn Mộ Sinh, và thuộc về blog Duy Ngã.

For ones who don’t understand Vietnamese:

This work had permission from author 温暮生 and belongs to wordpress Duy Ngã.


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#writingchallenge #day2

Because the Internet connection is unstable, I will only write a short paragraph =((

It’s so hot now that I think I got sick TTvTT I’ve learned some lessons in Minna no Nihongo, and I feel I’m lazy now :v Common!! Be studious :”33 Another day has just gone, my exam is coming. I will try!!

Ahuhu Kanji is so difficult, but I think I somehow realize interesting characteristics of it =)) I will consider it as my crush to follow it and get it :”33

I think I should read some English books, whatever!


#writingchallenge #day1

Well, once again, the title tells everything. I want to chellenge myself by witing something each day. It can be things, people in my daily life, my feelings, or my learning path. I will write anything I want. Haha I’m going to complain about my laziness =))~ I’ve just set up a plan for learning Japanese and I will follow it. Nevertheless, I’m lazy so it may be a little tiring and boring to do so TTvTT

Common :”33 Try to follow it!! I’m having so much spacetime, so I will stop being lazy and do something for my future =)) If I can, I will look for a part-time job.

I will make a learning English plan some day :v maybe in this week. Because English has been my major, I think I should read more and pratice translating as well as interpreting to gain good mark.

OK! Stop here. I’m beginning to be lazy :v So just these things.

There is no such thing as a free lunch!! Stand up and do what you can to achieve what you desire!!!

Something new! #60daysleft

I’ve just read the first writing by G4GIRAFFE in After reading it, I realize that I have to do something. Something that is totally different from what I’ve done till now. I’ve been learning English for so many years; however, I haven’t mastered it yet. I mean, except my grammar, my pronunciation is not really good, my writing is bad, too. When people ask me what my major was, I answer I’m major in Business English. But deep inside, I feel ashamed because I am not as good as a junior should be. OK! Stop complaining!! As the title of this writing, I will do something new, it is making plan, which I’ve never done before :v Have I told you?? I’m very lazy :”33

Below is my plan for passing N4 in this July’s JLPT exam and this will only be applied for learning Japanese. This will be taken in the next 60 days.


Learning Japanese 4 hours per day

– Each day read one lesson in Minna no Nihongo and make a rivision after finishing 10 lessons.

– Each day go through 10 kanji in Kanji Look and learn. After ten days, make a revision.

– Use to le

arn kanji and vocabulary in one hour

– Read A dictionary of basic Japanese Grammar.

– Use

Well. hope things will be fine. I will try my best!!!!


Just a tired day and don’t want to force my brain work!

On 25th, February 2016, I was tired. I read “Heroin”- Sai Ke Dan till 2.30 a.m, and then, I came to sleep. Unfortunately, I couldn’t sleep right then. I felt a bit awkward. I didn’t have the feeling of sleeping for a wink. Everything is so vague. When I woke up to go to class, my head was a little ache. From the beginning to the end of the lesson, I felt so sleepy, and some times, I falled asleep for a while. Coming back home after the lesson finished, I just wanted to go to bed. However, I didn’t sleep. Instead, I turned my laptop on, check Facebook, read nonsense things. Then, while cooking my lunch, I watched “The descendant of the son” (even though I haven’t finished yet). In the afternoon, I had two subjects, but I only had to learn one – Physical Education. Once again, I came back home after terminating the lesson. And, once again, I used my laptop for nonsense things. I only slept. I studied a bit, but it was useless because I didn’t focus on it.

It is 21:05 now, I have to continue studying and stay focused.